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It isn't easy finding Robotman / Monty sites. Most of them are sparse and dull in the extreme. I've spent long hours hunkered down over a simmering keyboard to locate the cream of the crop for you. Have fun! (Note: If any of these aren't working please tell me immediately.)
  • The Official Monty Site : Now that Robotman is (technically) no more, this is the place to be. My only gripe is the criminally small index of old can only see the last 30 days' worth. It does, however, feature some opportunities to purchase t-shirts and the like, and it has a couple nice sections, like a cast list and a Jim Meddick biography.
  • Plan 9 Publishing: The wonderful folks who began re-publishing the old Robotman strips in early 2003. They offer many collections of other strips as well, including one of my personal favorite "geek comics", Knights Of the Dinner Table. Check it out! "On hiatus" as of 2008. It is unknown if they will return or ever publish more Robotman strips. Chances look slim.