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Everything that's fit to print...and some that ain't.
The Source Of All Knowledge in the Robotverse

Monty and Robotman aren't as well known as we fans would like, so tracking down concrete info can be difficult. To that end, I've assembled a collection of rare articles and other information so this wonderful comic can finally get the study it deserves.

Miscellaneous Stuff
  • Misc. Meddick Info: This is the place where I put the Jim Meddick stuff (photos mainly) that doesn't fit anywhere else.
  • Rare Jim Meddick Art: Here are some rare sketches and comics by the man himself.
  • Robotman & Monty Logos: Here are some logos from the comic strip over the years.
  • Ascii Robotman: For no particular reason, here's an ascii portrait of Robotman, formatted for internet viewing by Paul Chesson.
  • Learning English With Robotman 01
    Learning English With Robotman 02: There used to be a site called "Seanspot" which featured Japanese-English language and culture tutorials. Since it no longer appears to up and running, I've taken the liberty of preserving the Robotman & Monty pages for posterity.


  • Robotman: Here's a great interview from Cartoonist PROfiles issue 65 in March 1985. The young Jim Meddick describes how he got the job of drawing Robotman and how he goes about writing the strip.
  • The Man Behind Robotman: This is an interview with Jim Meddick from the Daily Illini's January 30, 1998 edition. This interview was given before the character Robotman left the strip.
  • Jim Meddick: The Interview: Here's a fantastic interview with Jim from the Summer 2001 issue of the comics magazine Hogan's Alley. It answers quite a few questions about the strip's origins and how it has changed over the years.

Articles & Historical Documentation

  • Readers Sound Off: Here are some letters to the editor, printed in the Houston Chronicle circa 1990-92.
  • The Origin of Robotman: The semi-plausible origin of Robotman as uncovered in strips circa 1996.
  • Meddick's Navy: In the summer of 2000, in an effort to promote the arts and tourism and to raise funds for local charities, the Milford, Connecticut Fine Arts Council launched Submarines on Parade, an exhibit of artistically designed fiberglass submarines. Jim Meddick designed sub #21, "Camouflaged Submarine." Click here to go to the original Milford subs website.
  • What Happened To Robotman: Here is the riveting tale of how Robotman actually left the comic strip, complete with dates of publication (circa 1999 - 2000).
  • Name Change Announcement: This is essential reading for those who aren't familiar with the strip. It's the press release about the April 1, 2001 name change from 'Robotman & Monty' to simply 'Monty'.
  • Name Change Popup: Here's a popup window that appeared on the Robotman webpage around the time of the April 1, 2001 name change.
  • Greg Berg message: Voice actor Greg Berg was kind enough to get in touch with me in 2008, and he provided a few insights into his time as the voice of Robotman in the animated cartoon. Thanks, Greg!